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Ars Poetica

In Response to Beau Sia’s “a slow disease”

By Tyler Hoffman

It’s a slow disease, but not terminal.
You will lose your grip slowly. Don’t hold on,
because the loss will be rough, but not fatal.
In time you will use the pain, call upon
the hurt, draw with the dreams you have given
up. Create with all that has been unfulfilled.
All you have ever made will be riven–
not fatal. There is more blood to be spilled,
But all that has been spilled is never lost.
Take what you have torn, and then weave a net.
Catch what you can with it. Let your exhaust
be the I ams you sing– your own duet.
Pain and hurt will sing for themselves. Go, make
what you can with all that you have. Create.

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A Healthy Place for Pets, Naturally

By Tyler Hoffman 

Central Dawgma describes itself as a “healthy place for pets, naturally.” — and it certainly lives up to their slogan! The self-serve dog wash and pet store have two locations in Maryland: Frederick and Hagerstown. There are reviews on the business’ website, and all of them are five out of five stars.

The biggest feature of the store is the ‘self-serve dog wash’. It’s a big metal basin, large enough to fit even a Great Dane. It’s fitted with a standard showerhead that’s removable and a few feet long. Overhead of the basin are dispensers filled with the company’s signature brand of grooming products. You have the choice to either have the groomers wash your dog for you or do it yourself. Whatever you choose is worth the money and time.

The Hagerstown location has before offered adoption services to kittens and cats in the past. Many people don’t know about it, and I’ve seen the cats grow from kittens to full grown cats.

The store section of Central Dawgma is filled with all natural pet food and pet products. From locally grown catnip to real non-processed turkey dog treats, to your standard run-of-the-mill Purina pet food — it’s all there. When entering, you’re greeted with the homely and pleasant smell of catnip, plastic, and the occasional scent of wet dog.  It’s strange, but oddly welcoming. The counter with the register always has a candle to disperse the smell of wet dog and animals — which, are also available to purchase. Placed by the exit is a thing of baskets with samples of  dog food from products sold in the store. The food is sealed in small, transparent plastic baggies, and are about a serving for a large dog. For a small dog like mine, they’re each a good two or three servings.

Central Dawgma is a great, local store to get care for your pets. With few flaws that definitely don’t outweigh the pros, a trip to either location is worth it in the long run.

Jean Hoffman is a Freshman at Barbara Ingram.