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By Silvie Sandeen

I am the one who causes you
to hesitate, avoid risks, to fear.
The darkness creeping over your mind,
the what ifs whispering in your ear,
the churning in your stomach.

I make you second guess,
bite your tongue,
miss out on opportunities.
I make you indecisive.
With me in your life,
everything will end in crisis.

I crush creativity.
You will bring yourself down.
I am the weight on your shoulders,
you must carry me around.

Is that a glimmer of confidence?
That is not who you are.
Too meek, too timid,
too easily scared.
Feeling carefree?
Not around me.
I’m in control of your life.

I’ve spent so much time
making you uptight.
Acting with certainty?
Ha! We’ll see.
Listen to me!

I am Worry.
Made of fear.
Of conviction and self-assurance
replacing me here.
Boldness and positivity
make me cower.
Acting with courage,
now you have the power.