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The Jewel of Hagerstown

By Kalynn Klein 

City Park, located in the center of Hagerstown, is considered the jewel of the run-down city. Not only does it contain a breath-taking pond in the center (where all the ducks and swans in the whole city seem to gather), but the water runs all the way around the park. The area is fancied for its beauty, in every single aspect.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 10.24.55 AM

City Park in Autumn, with the water the flowing all around, creating a peaceful effect.         

No matter the crowd, it’s never loud. Something about the trees, something about the water, something about the openness, something protects City Park from ever being disturbed. It is used daily for many reasons: as a place to read, and for others, a place to write. Along the walking path, which laces the whole park, you can find a bench every hundred feet or so. You never have to feel obligated to move.
One of the most notable aspects of City Park is the giant stair-set that will take you out of the park directly to parking lot. This set of stair was wonderfully constructed to embellish the entire park. It almost acts as the park’s centerpiece. The stairs stop half way up, and break off into a deck with an overlook of the whole park. There are picnic tables, and a bench that sits around the entire outside of it. No matter the time of day, you are sure to stop off here for a breather.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 10.24.47 AMThe stairs at city park, which may seem like a huge feat, but could you really resist this view?

Furthermore, City Park is loved by children for its huge sets of playground equipment. No matter the time of the day- 6a.m or dusk, it is never empty. Eager children run all around, enjoying all the park for all it has to offer. They kick their feet back and forth on swings that actually don’t have an ear-piercing squeak. They collect static from slides that are not covered in graffiti.  

City Park is known for its waters, how they seem to slow down the typically fast moving city of Hagerstown. For its quiet, as there seems to be a sound protective layer as soon as you walk in, and more importantly, for its beauty, which doesn’t need to be described.
Kalynn Klein is a Junior at Barbara Ingram School for the Arts