Letter From the Editor

Dear Reader,

Hello and welcome to Post Script Magazine.

At the beginning of last year, the creative writers of Barbara Ingram School for the Arts were tasked with creating an online publication to share what we love doing.  Thus, Post Script was born as an online general feature magazine.  Through our articles, stories, poems, and the occasional lifehack, we shared some of the things most important to us.

With this issue, we’ve begun to encourage the submissions of writing from outside of the creative writers and have since welcomed two new writers to our staff.  We invite anyone from Barbara Ingram to get involved if they please whether it be this year or somewhere down the line.  If you’re a student at Barbara Ingram and want to work with us, please contact either myself or Maddie Sokoloski, our department liaison.

The theme we’ve chosen for this issue is ‘discovery’ (credit to Nathan Retherford for the idea!).  In contrast with our previous issue being centered around ‘place,’ discovery is all about what we don’t know, what there is to explore, what we learn from each other and new situations.  Just by existing, we’re constantly discovering.

So please enjoy, be inspired, come discover with us.  And as always:

speak loudly, write louder.


Max A. Gamerman

Editor in Chief

Find the index for our second issue here

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