Achilles and the Art of War / Evette Davis

Adopting Unwanted Gifts Or, This Is All I’m Left With / Josh Snyder

Ars Poetica / Tyler Hoffman

The Big House / Derek Frazier

Cheese Stick Love / Sara Malott

Gravity / Evette Davis

Noir / Derek Frazier

Red / Rachel Shaw

Shattered Stained Glass Or, Living Amongst the Stars / Sara Malott

To Those Who Will Date My Little Sister / Derek Frazier


Dear My Itty-Bitty Self / Derek Frazier

Drowning / Claire Dever

He Proved I Wasn’t Bulletproof / Sean Callahan

The Street Conquistador / Sean Callahan

To the Boy Who Didn’t Love Me Back / Taylor Bassler


The Color of Kings / Aevin Mayman

Office Bakery / Aevin Mayman

Open Spaces / Aevin Mayman

Painted Red / Claire Dever

Rocky Road / Claire Dever

Sammy / Aevin Mayman

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