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The Abstractions of Home / Evette Davis

Blue Midwinter’s Breeze on Houses, Not Homes / Evette Davis

Dancing With Shadows / Sara Malott

dawn of december’s end (a new beginning) / Evette Davis

Holding Her / Derek Frazier

If Home Is Where the Heart Is, I Live in Your Chest / Maddie Sokoloski

Odysseus / Evette Davis

Sara Who Didn’t Understand / Sara Malott

She Will Have Eyes Like Mine / Derek Frazier


Biohazards and Blurry Visions or Where I Thought Home Was / Amanda Udy (Graphic Content)

Camp of Frozen Fun / Sean Callahan

Not Pagans / Aevin Mayman

Snow Challenge / Sean Callahan


Closed Doors / Aevin Mayman

New Home / Aevin Mayman

Suffocate / Claire Dever

Valhalla / Derek Frazier

Wilson / Sara Malott

A Winter by Any Other Name Is Just as Cold / Aevin Mayman