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Symptoms of Love and Addiction

By Kellie-Ann Morris

Nausea (known to me as butterflies),
shortness of breath,
sweaty palms (that you never mind holding),
and an accelerated heartbeat.

These are defined as symptoms of love,
but they are also signs of a panic attack.
I find that quite fitting
since I’m terrified of loving you.

While I’ve always admired the view
of firework kisses
and star crossed lovers
who find each other despite the darkness,

That’s not the life I desire
for sparks only last a minute.
True love kisses are deadly
and I don’t want to become another tragedy

Insomnia (losing sleep with the idea of losing you),
neglecting other responsibilities,
risk taking (always in alleys after midnight),
and obsession.

These are defined as symptoms of infatuation
but they are also signs of addiction,
and I don’t think I could handle
if you withdrew.

I never wanted the space between
your arms to feel like home
cause if you evict me
I won’t remember how to support myself.

The way I mourn the loss of your touch
and count down the seconds till you’ll return
proves that I’m already
hooked on the drug called love.


Kellie-Ann Morris is a Freshman at Barbara Ingram


Post Script is a magazine written, edited, and produced by the Creative Writing Department of Barbara Ingram School for the Arts. Through our articles, stories, poems, and the occasional lifehack, we have shared some of the things most important to us. There is a remarkable diversity of talent to be found in our students and their work, and we are unified by a common respect for that diversity. The editors and writers that make Post Script possible don’t have an end goal in sight, but instead a vision of a magazine that allows us to explore, learn, and grow. We have ventured into a new medium for self-expression and self-reflection, and hope that our art and the effort that went into this project will encourage, engage, and enlighten readers of all backgrounds.

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