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Forgotten Riches

By Kellie-Ann Morris

I forget to count my blessings,
pay more attention to what’s not there,
see the glass as half empty,
complain that it’s not fair.
I have a bad habit of underestimating
the value of fortunes in front of me,
paying no attention to their shine.
Privileges lose their glamour
because they seem immortal;
Thanksgiving reminds me that everything can rust.
It is an excuse to
consume copious amounts of food
and to put a spotlight on being grateful.
Before the holiday
I’d use my fingers to count off everything
I felt was missing,
forgetting I have
a shelter to protect me from howling winds,
shelves stocked with a variety of food,
friends who are willing
to hold my hand when it gets dark,
a mom who believes love
is worth the sacrifice, and
a sister who will always be my company.
Thanksgiving reminds me
to praise my forgotten riches.


Kellie-Ann Morris is a Freshman at Barbara Ingram 


Post Script is a magazine written, edited, and produced by the Creative Writing Department of Barbara Ingram School for the Arts. Through our articles, stories, poems, and the occasional lifehack, we have shared some of the things most important to us. There is a remarkable diversity of talent to be found in our students and their work, and we are unified by a common respect for that diversity. The editors and writers that make Post Script possible don’t have an end goal in sight, but instead a vision of a magazine that allows us to explore, learn, and grow. We have ventured into a new medium for self-expression and self-reflection, and hope that our art and the effort that went into this project will encourage, engage, and enlighten readers of all backgrounds.

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